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Published: Tuesday 01 November, 2016

Idaho NC I have question in regard to nap time in preschool. My 4 years daughter started in her new preschool a couple a weeks ago and though she was happy for her old European preschool, She loves her new one as often. Nike MagistaX Proximo TF Football Boots Black White We just have one thing that is very new for us and demanding for her. And this is the two(2!) Hours nap time after noon-time meal. Nap means lay out with blanket and pillow, No speak about, Light source out, Therefore forth. Weve been told it an important thing from the state, But for us it seems like a long time for an almost 5 years old girl to rest during the day.

We fully salute the nap time and the stuctured way to ensure kids can have a rest daily, But 2 hour is long time to be forced to"Sleeping, Even I dont think I can sleep for that long through the day, If I had the method; ) Is it true it Nike MagistaX Proximo is the which demands the 2 hour rule, Do the 4 years have sleep, Sleep patterns, Sleep during the two hours or is there choices to how the"Nap/rest a while" Could be proceded?