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Published: Friday 07 April, 2017

Big East WVU sport with Mike Casazza The untiltoday presumptive conference player of Nike Football Boots UK the season made the firstteam by a vote of the coaches, But in any case one coach left him off the firstteam ballot. Jones weren't a unanimous pick. Marquette Jae Crowder, Who been great currently, Could be. Don assume now that Crowder is the player of the season. There are separate votes and individuals like Darius JohnsonOdom and maybe even Georgetown Jason Clark and Syracuse Kris Joseph might get some votes. Could win with two insurance coverage 14 others have one. That not possible, However, But it helps guide you this might work. He just needs to maximum benefit votes, Rather all the votes. Led the league in score and rebounding, Yet a minimum of one coach left him off First Team, Saying that, As one Big East coach explained, Somebody has"An axe to work" Against Mounties coach Bob Huggins or his regime, As well as their agenda was to push their own kid to First Team. You ultimately choose, Whoever the coach was should be ashamed of himself. And in the years ahead, The league should make the votes public so coaches have to stand trusted. Cheer Mike, Quit trying to be nonbiased and worried that somebody will call you a for taking up for WVU it what it is: Bull crap. Quit trying to be nonbiased and worried that a person will call you a"Homer" When planning on taking up for WVU love it. Seek, I think it stupid to say KJ isn a firstteam player. I just can say for sure, As an example, Buzz Williams thought he had two firstteam players and cooked the books so it will be so. As soon, As soon as you ask coaches to vote, You why not ask their POVs, Which frequently involves biases, Grudges and other variables that don relate to a player worthiness. Quite, A final thought, It is my opinion KJ got jobbed. It mistaken. But he firstteam allBig East and he getting POTY. That. Care, Kevin Jones and WV lovers. Buzz Williams DID vote for KJ as player of the season(Based on the source below). To the main topic of Crowder vs Jones as POY. I believe the coaches have mostly agreed that Crowder was the better ALL AROUND player(As well as scoring and rebounding) On the higher team. Consider, If any coaches were deliberating on these two headtohead, The matchup what food was a student in Morgantown, Crowder claimed(Hugely), Crowder finished the summer season stronger.

K Jones could really get revenge if he his team to a Big East tourney champion but without that, Crowder team control, Steals, Criminal, Passing, Intangibles, And face to face dominance against Jones(24 pts 16 boards to KJ 12 pts. 6 pieces of wood) Those were the issues. Genuinely sorry Buzz danced on your floor but stop the witch hunt the coaches have spoken. One last item. I think the coaches gave that guard on Notre Dame the player of the year award recently and he was nowhere near leading the lead in any record category. The coaches just decided he was one of impactful player on the best(Or just by the best) Team were they perfect? That dubious. But Crowder is easily comparable to Kevin Jones. It just that his team played out better. He won his matchup head to head and he played much superior the stretch(Two player each week awards, Continual, To end repeated season) For the purpose it worth, I have no trouble with your argument, And if Buzz did opt for KJ, My hat away and to him. Crowder played fantastic down the stretch, And yep, The c's record/achievement was what sealed the vote, Nike Magista Obra II AG Regretfully. My central controversy against Crowder as POY is not a dig against his game, But the indeniable fact that he going to get better looks in an offense with DJO at shooting guard. E-mail, Walker was the POY yr after, Not likely Ben H, But Walker was disciplined, Like for example Jones, For being on a team with an average seminar record.