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Published: Tuesday 14 March, 2017

10 awesome street art pieces of May 2015 Known for his blue characters which depicts the indigenous people of Brazil as they confront our society's fascination and obsession with wealth and consumerism, Cranio frequently Nike Mercurial Victory VI TF Football Shoes Pink White Black visits London every year to paint its streets. Located on the side of the Kinkao Thai restaurant off Brick Lane in London, a flurry of birds materialize from the larger blue character to collect to chase the green currency. Modern day objects, such as a gold watch, Nike shoes, a cell phone, and laptop contrast the tribal figures.

A part of Axel Void's 'Mediocre' series, this piece was painted in the working class neighborhood of Szopienice, on a building next to the train tracks and in front of the burnt, abandoned zinc melter factory 'Uta Utheman'. The zinc factory was the main source of income of the Polish town since 1834 until it closed in 2008, and later engulfed in flames in 2011. The piece Nike Mercurial Victory VI metaphorically explores the duality of things that can both save and destroy, remedy and poisin. The giant zinc rock is a valuable mineral, but in large amounts it can be toxic.