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Published: Monday 13 February, 2017

Mayfield education observe 'A Day Without Shoes' to help give needy kids shoes View full sizeLaurie Uhlir/Special to Sun newsAmong those who took part in 'A Day Without Shoes' April 5 at Mayfield High School were, From if available, Science trainer Michael Verdi, Jr Davin Fumich(Excell Tech student from West Geauga senior secondary school), Freshmen Kayleigh Nike HypervenomX Proximo IC Football Boots Black Paramount Blue Volt Dark Grey Pietrantone and Katey Hach and math tutor Courtney Lindsay. MAYFIELD Students at Mayfield High School had to watch where they stepped April 5 as many students taken part in a day without shoes. The movement designed by TOMS shoes was brought upon to raise awareness of those in financially depressed Third World countries, Where wearing shoes on their feet is not a alternative. Freshman Kayleigh Pietrantone and her chum Davin Fumich, A West Geauga graduating based junior enrolled in the Excell TECC program at Mayfield, Thought we would bring the movement to Mayfield. Were at a teen Bible study doing see what we could do to buy shoes for those less fortunate, Pietrantone says. The two decided rather than just raising awareness of the dilemma, They would raise funds to help purchase shoes which sell for about $28 a pair.

They spoke with Mayfield most Tony Loewer, Who with a few polices, Such as wearing socks opposed to going barefoot, Agreed to allow the fundraiser to happen. Loewer was very reactive. Students must wear shoes during science, Gym classes and those in the building trade at Excell TECC, But apart from that it was a go, Pietrantone says. During homeroom April 5 students were shown a brief video titled Day not using shoes. Then each student who chose to partake paid $1 for an all day shoeless pass. Some site and teachers also participated and donated a little extra. There was no lack of originality around the school that day as some wore mismatched or attractive socks. Nike HypervenomX Proximo IC Figured with 350 400 students per grade we could raise a heap of money, Pietrantone supposed. And they did $455.55 of being exact. It close to 30 percent of the scholars in the school, Loewer expressed. Too bad for a one day fund raising evening. All arises from the fundraiser will be donated to the Providence House in Cleveland, Which will purchase shoes for children locally website, Who otherwise can't afford a pair. TOMS make shoes for regardless of how alike. Local, Pietrantone said they are offered at Nordstrom in Beachwood Place and Whole Foods Markets in University Heights.