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Published: Monday 16 April, 2018

Pursued by a Bear If you only do one thing recently Concentrate: No sooner has Richie Egan from Jape deduced his tour in Kerry on Friday night, Then he'll have to hotfoot it back to Dublin to trap fellow Redneck Manifesto-St' Neil O'Connor, Whose solo project Somadrone planning to become up a cracking line-Up in the magnificent Football Club Kits Unitarian Church on Stephen's Green. Completing this electronica bill are withstand Angkorwat and the immodestly titled I Am the Cosmos. Can I get an amen from left-Field of operations aisle? Theater: If you rave about your theatre classic and full of blood, Then the Helix is the place for you earlier this week, When David Horan brings his particularly gory vision of Shakespeare's Macbeth concise. With Will Irvine and Maeve Fitzgerald in the cutting edge roles, This is a production using more than a touch of class, And the approach seems ambitious and leading edge, With Radiohead on the soundtrack and cinematic effects on happens.

That should provoke and enthrall more than merely the Leaving Cert generation who will be filling the stalls. A small old school Scottish power and fury? Don thoughts if we do. Music: These are something cinematic, Few things set a Gothic tone in a cinema as cool as a Danny Elfman soundtrack. This weekend you will find his work live, When the RTE Concert band and New Dublin Voices take on his work, And they have quite the soundtrack list available, Making use of Batman, Crawl-The human race, Beetlejuice among others. It's part of the Jameson Dublin world-wide Film Festival, Which sold out many of its shows, But for some choice big screen availability click here. May we suggest Chicken with Plums, A heed-Up to the stunningly fine Persopolis by Marjane Sartrapi? It makes sense the story of a violinist in Tehran in the 1950s. Variety. Talent: For something for the most part more contemplative, But believe it or not epic in its own way, You might in Lithosphere, A survey of their work of Eileen MacDonagh in Carlow's Visual Arts Centre. Next, Leaping, Stunning sculptures fill the cavernous space and there's a terrific focus on detail in the work on a much more micro scale. Aidan Dunne, This newspaper's art essenti, Reckons "Lithosphere is a good and, In actual fact, Enormous exhibition, Adidas Real Madrid 17-18 FC Away #7 Ronaldo Football Kits See it upon your, Before you start May 7th. Music: Sensoria is an intriguing night that puts on music on the surface edge in the Joinery gallery in Dublin. Recently, Londoner Astrud Steehouder also known as Paper Dollhouse will be bringing her minimal gothic folk to bear on the suspecting citizens of Dublin, Before maneuvering to Cork on Saturday.