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Published: Monday 26 March, 2018

Although these names are public record, the Hook has chosen not to repeat them here since no information suggests their involvement. A reporter's call to Pine Grove went unreturned, and a Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 AG conversation with another offender's family resulted in a call from the Virginia State Police, cautioning the newspaper that such inquiry could constitute harassment or even obstruction of justice. (Not likely to stick, say civil libertarians.) Safarik says he believes the assailant was a stranger to Morgan because of the discovery of her purse and battery less cell phone in the RV lot next to UVA's Lambeth Field.

"The fact she doesn't have her purse suggests it was a blitz attack," he says. The age of the assailant likely 18 to mid 30s, he says is far less significant than the location of the remains. "It's so isolated, so dark, why are you going that far out?" he wonders. "He hunted out there, he knew the property, he's been out there." Safarik says the location may also bring police the tip that leads to an arrest. "You want people who know this guy to think, 'This guy's capable of this,' and it's those tips you're looking for." At a press conference held Wednesday, January 27 confirming identity of the remains, lead State Police investigator Lt. Joe Rader said evidence in addition Adidas Nemeziz Football Boots to the bones had been recovered from the Farm, and suggested the focus of the investigation would shift from Copeley Bridge, where Harrington was last seen allegedly hitchhiking the night of the Metallica concert, to Anchorage Farm.