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Published: Thursday 22 March, 2018

Boise State football coaches detail pursuit of 2014 offensive recruits Idaho Statesman Blogs The skinny:Sanford said he generated his own list of every quarterback in the country with a scholarship offer at any level and spent his free time in December watching highlight videos online. But it was important to him to have firsthand experience with his first high school quarterback recruit. Carta Samuels (signed with Washington) because he had worked with them at Stanford camps. Both visited Boise State. Carta Samuels chose Washington, but Kaaya a longtime Miami Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 AG commit had not told Boise State no when Sanford made his high school choice, the coach said. Ogle had attracted the attention of new Boise State coach Bryan Harsin and former Boise State quarterback Bush Hamdan, then the quarterbacks coach at Arkansas State, when they worked for the Red Wolves. Sanford flew to Florida to check out Ogle, who was scheduled to throw a couple times a week. Sanford arrived during the workout. He had planned to visit six or seven players in five states; Florida was either the third or fourth state he hit, he said. "It was quarterback derby the last month," Sanford said. " As a coach, I'm always thinking the worst possible scenario. 'I'm going to go out there and I'm not going to like him.' I was really blown away by what I saw.

I texted Harsin after about 50 throws: 'I love Alex Ogle.' " Sanford is convinced Hamdan tried to keep his interest in Ogle quiet to try to avoid drawing attention to him. Hamdan was not retained by Arkansas State. "Major hats off to Bush Hamdan, a good friend of mine," Sanford said. He offered Ogle a scholarship on the spot and Ogle accepted. Sanford knows how it sounds, but he says Ogle was his favorite high school quarterback he evaluated. One key reason: his personality. "We absolutely did not settle on Alex Ogle," he said. "He was the guy that I wanted to find all along. He was actually, to be 100 percent honest, personality wise, the way that he leads, the way that he kind of has this way about him and is a gym rat, he ended up being my No. 1 choice as a high school quarterback when it was all said and done. Now, the scouting services don't necessarily agree with that and I really don't care. I had a chance to see him with my own eyes and I trust my own evaluation, I trust my eyes. What he does here is up to him and up to me, but in terms of his physical talents and his package of size and everything he brings to this program, it's all very positive." Boise State bio: Completed 151 of 271 passes for 2,338 yards and 22 touchdowns as a senior, earning the team most valuable player honor also named all area in the Florida vs. Georgia and Treasure Coast vs. Palm Beach County All Star Games year completed 75 of 148 attempts for Adidas Nemeziz Football Boots yards and seven touchdowns year completed 58 of 109 passes for 705 yards and five touchdowns his career, went 284 of 528 for 4,026 yards and 34 touchdowns 2013 All East Coast Regional Elite Team honorable mention honors member of the Honor Roll for head coach Tim Caffey.