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Published: Monday 12 March, 2018

Wikimedia Commons What's In the Black Widow's Venom? Black Widow venom is complex, and contains a number of compounds that further the evolutionary goal of subduing prey and protecting the animal from predators. The most specific ingredients to the genus Latrodectus are a number of toxins called, appropriately, latrotoxins. Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 AG Latrotoxins are very large molecules with dozens of different atoms, and the way they work is still not well understood. Black Widow venom contains at least 7 different latrotoxins: most of which specifically effect invertebrates, or insects, which form the bulk of the spider's diet. There is one, however, called alpha latrotoxin, which targets vertebrates including humans. This powerful poison is specific to the genus Latrodectus and is the reason the spider is so toxic to humans.

Yes Live and Let Live BarbRad 2 years ago from Templeton, CA I do coexist with them. The one that lived under my China cabinet was flushed out by a flood and I killed it. I think one also lives in my unused piano and I know they live at the back of some of the bedroom bookcases. ADIDAS FOOTBALL BOOTS When they emerge, I vacuum them up if they don't escape. I suspect they are also in my husband's closet on the bottom in the shoes and boots he never wears but insists on keeping there. Fortunately, the violin spider doesn't consider our area habitat yet. If I find the widows in the house, I eliminate them. I destroyed the nest of the black widow in the worm bin, but I let her go in the grass. I suppose she'll be back. darciefrench lm 2 years ago I recall a story about a sage who meditated on a couch for years, totally oblivious to the black widow spiders living underneath it until one day something rolled under the couch and he only noticed the spiders when he went to retrieve it. Seems it's a matter of respect for life.