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Published: Friday 26 January, 2018

Health system not properly prepared for the aging sick A common cure for Old Age is Death. Why would any one pay for long term medical insurance? Why would any one pay to have themselves Adidas Nemeziz 17.1 AG imprisoned in a twin bed through-out their lives on bad food, With the bad care, Drugged into mental stress and uncertainty, In baby nappies no one changes, On agonizing bed sores because no one moves you, In a sensory gloomy aand hungry clinical ward, With a tv to the shopping channel, Because it is exactly what the underpaid, Over has performed, Badly supervised, Laxly watched,

Unaccustomed worker ant likes to see when passing thorough to check no one has actually died, Because then they'd lose YOUR approach payment? If seniors think their Masses are going to get better then that, Despite having android care, They are just plain dreaming. If you feel people aren't already kept alive, Adidas Nemeziz Football Boots Against all sense of pain, To accumulate their insurance, You weren't to a long term health care facility. Adults have the authority to Chose an ORDERLY Death. Only Slaves have to keep at it to suffer, And have no choice in ending their anguish. The west, If of Adults and not Slaves, Really needs processes in place that allow Adults, Who so opt, To disappear the Tree in an ORDERLY manner, A manner least disruptive to those found lacking.