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Published: Thursday 04 January, 2018

Imagine Arraigned In Moon Township Fatal Crash This guy made current debts get behinde a wheel of a car he knew better it trying to blame it on the loss of his wife a few years and he has two teenage kids what if the shoe was on the other foot a drunk took your child from you chad was loved by many and loved everyone Nike Mercurial Vapor Football Boots he cared about but on Dec. 7th Michael Brenner decided to get in his car and drive and take chad away 23 years old a few weeks before Christmas you Do NOT Know how much Pain you have carried out. I can't fill sorry for you you was drunk 5:20 at night ideas presented you thinking you pice of shit. I dont care about your kids I do not have anything nice to say to any of your family MICHAel BRenner took chads life. Actually who serived this country and you drunk took his life. Who took a young full of life person away while he is a drunk. You obviously dont know what youre saying individuals even spell. My mom was close friends with terrie brenner, Michael's her conversation. She was a fabulous person and everyone who knew her, Knew dreadful always put a smile on their face. I also knew growing up charlie and sarah, Their kids.

When terrie died it came as such a shock to us all she was 35 years old and died of heart disease. Everyone in your neighborhood felt the pain of her loss, So he does figure out what that pain is like. And no right to judge his family or his children. Do do you know what its like losing a mom when youre 8 and 10 years old. Do do you know what its like going to that funeral seeing her 8 year old daughter talk to her mothers body in the coffin? The case. I actually do. You have no knowledge. You dont know whats its like in those kids shoes and so that you Nike Mercurial Vapor Flyknit Ultra FG could judge them like that is some bull shit. It was chads time to go because god made that happen for a conclusion. We know the anguish and sadness and so does michael brenner. So the very when you have something to say like that crap. Keep it to your own situation. All the best. IT isn't CHADS TIME. What if it was his offspring,Chads life has just began. I will be Happy if this Coward is behinde Bars. Yu have never to say reasons for having chads time you dd not know him. Yet another took ur life. Firts off Michael Brenner is certainly not SCUM it was him not God that got DRUNK! AND Drove so dont say it his time Chad loved his life. He was 23 years old and was killed by a DRUNK DRIVER plane and straightforward. Ok he lost his Wife years ago so do you know what MAN UP And think about your kids! Wich he lost Custdy formerly! SO Dont feel sorry for that man i shouldn't even call him a MAN.