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Published: Friday 08 December, 2017

Media Musings Blog store Olympia Nelson A flashpoint emerged in 2008 when images showing you nude teenagers by artist Bill Henson were seized from Sydney gallery Roslyn Oxley9. The ensuing furore led Art Monthly to write a nude image of Olympia Nelson, So therefore 5, On the top's. By this stage she was 11 and stood defiant before the digital camera in defence of the image which was taken by her mother artist Polixeni Papapetrou. By her side stood her father or mother, Suspect art critic Robert Nelson.It was tough Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG not to be cynical. 11 year olds are hardly renowned regarding insight, And this one happened to experience a father known for his bombastic opinions.Though Henson was found innocent, He has never publicly equivocated the moral complexnesses of the work. Even so the Nelson affair presented like a stunt. One could conisder that Olympia parroting the views of her parents on TV was more exploitative than the image itself.Flash forward 6 years Nelson is additional in the news for her commentary on selfies and sexting. In the selfie article she laments how selfie culture is causing girls to exploit their sexuality to gain affirmation online.It a fascinating twist that a child considered once exploited is emerging as a strong voice against exploitation. A recent feature on Australian Story indicates that Nelson and Papapetrou bombard their children with ideas each and every day.

What interesting is the distinction between 11 year old Nelson parroting these ideas vs now 16 year old Nelson using them to form a salient view of her own.Safe and effective commentator Melinda Tankard Reist, Once critical of Olympia cover is now a vocal supporter of the teen new work.The aussie Story is mawkish. Usages such as Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG Football Boots snapchat and now tinder, Are only fueling the challenge, So it nice to see a young girl such as Olympia taking a stand the particular trend. There always suggestions such as restricting the on-line world and de activating Facebook pages dedicated to naked selfies, But at the end of the day to get this issue will be resolved is if our society has a cultural change. Young women have the effect of adding content to these pages, Albeit situations involuntarily, But they assume that in order to gain the attention of young men and validate their existence, Body fat deposits flaunt their bodies. Circulating naked selfies is an unnecessary action to seek attention and needs to be addressed with the young ladies under this impression.I am impressed by her articles(She written dozens for the Age) And I must say she has a bright future because if you are 16 and writing that well and that mature as a teenager then you certainly will be a household name in a few years. Hard to believe that 5 years ago she was in the middle of a national controversy over some nude pictures a bit of a media beat up and just shows how much society has changed.