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Published: Monday 27 November, 2017

The rooms are amazing, clean, spacious, and very bright. Amazing to wake up in. the beds are two twin beds, so it can be difficult to sleep if you are attempting to spoon your loved one. Just make sure to check the water, the toilet, and the beds. I am telling you, not everything is going to be perfect so don't complain about every little detail, this isn't a 6 star in Las Vegas, its Cuba. There will be cracks in the walls, maybe some tiles broken, maybe the water pressure isn't the best in the shower, those are common things. I am serious this is the biggest thing that annoys me when it comes to reviews. Cuban food is completely DIFFERENT, very, very different. Nothing you are used to, and if you don't like the sounds of that, then don't go. Yes, their food is a little bland, they have salt and pepper, and they have ketchup and sauces. But it is different. At Palma Real they have 2 a la carte restaurants, one Italian one Chinese. I didn't get a chance to eat at the Chinese restaurant so I can't review it. But the Italian is awesome. At lunch they are open for you to eat, but for dinner you need a reservation. They have bread and butter, salad (which consists of cabbage, carrots, turnip, ham, boiled eggs, oil and vinegar) it really is not bad, add salt and pepper and its pretty good, and healthy!). The cheese pizza is very bland, so if that's all you will eat be prepared, but the loaded pizza (or whatever they call it) has onions and peppers, mushrooms and ham, cheese. And it's very good, again not the same as pizza hut, but still very good. The buffet is good, they have a menu in the lobby showing what they will have that night and day, for example (Mondays=Canadian Tuesdays=Italian, Wednesdays=Cuban) their take on Italian and Canadian are different, so again don't expect the best. The buffet one night had rabbit, and cow tongue, yes cow tongue. And I ate it, and it was one of the best things there, have an open mind! Try things! The first few days you'll taste something you don't like, by the third day you'll know what you like and you'll go for it. Going at the beginning when the buffet opens is the best way to go too. There are places in the city that you can go to and eat as well, if you are comfortable doing that. The Nike Mercurial Superfly V AG hour snack bar also has good food, hotdogs and hamburgers, pop, and it's open for breakfast and has amazing omelets! You can choose what to put in it. And they have sausage (which is hotdogs cut longwise) but it's still good! It also has the most amazing orange juice ever, freshly squeezed, a little on the warmer side, but amazing! If you don't like the breakfast buffet, then go to the snack bar. The sand was cleaned daily and there was lots of room for chairs. There is a volleyball court right beside the entrance to the beach so bring a ball if you play!

It's a great way to meet people. Don't be afraid to go in the water, me and my boyfriend waited until the last day to go in the water and it was the biggest regret I have. It is so warm, just don't swallow it, or open your eyes in it (pretty common sense). And ladies, if you just shaved your legs, your bikini, or your underarms, it will sting, but not too bad. Its not even a 15 minute walk down the street to the market, which is like an outdoor flea market. People have little stores set up with hats and jewelry and homemade books for pictures and stuff, I got a frame that was hand made and he burnt the words "Cuba 2011' with our names in it, I paid 5 pesos for it, and I bought a really nice handmade beach dress for 15 pesos they also sell these on a cart on the beach for 35pesos. This is a rip off! I got one at the market for 10, so go there and look around before you buy one on the beach! There's also a store in the resort with cigars and bottles of rum (for 7 pesos!) and snacks, t shirts, towels and more. I would recommend bringing a towel, not to buy one, they're expensive. The bartenders are never chincy on the booze. Especially if you tip them well the first time and give them a few pesos here and there they treat you well. the lobby bar is always packed at night but a lot nike cleats football of fun, you meet people and there's always a live band, againdownside is, it closes at 12pm, but that's usually when the people who don't want to party go back to their rooms or whatever, and the partiers go to the club attached to the hotel called "Club Havana", its free for Palma real guests and has cheap drinks.