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Published: Wednesday 11 October, 2017

Brother's gold mine consider body of Terry Floyd Mr Floyd has spent additional than since the Herald Sun revealed in September 2010 that the dig was ready to start, Following the invention of new evidence suggesting Terry's body was in the mine. Victoria Police brought a further about the search, But doesn't Kids Nike Football Boots consider the concerning the possible burial site is strong enough for it to organise and fully fund the excavation. The head of the homicide squad's cold case unit is chasing fresh regarding Terry's disappearance.

Det SenSgt Ron Iddles was given evidence last month that suggested as a factor a paedophile in the disappearance of Terry, 12. The Herald Sun revealed in 2010 that guilty paedophile Raymond Kenneth Jones, This time 60, Had been suggested as a factor in Terry's abduction and murder. Jones was on bail when Terry evaporated on June 28, 1975. He was later in prison for indecently assaulting a boy in a Ballarat toilet and jailed for two years. SenSgt Iddles still considers Jones the prime suspect and will check whether Jones has any experience of the latest paedophile nominated as being involved in Terry's disappearance. Jones has told the Herald Sun he was not involved and has nothing to Nike Kids Magista Obra II FG fear from how to identify Terry's body and renewed police interest in him,