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Published: Thursday 14 September, 2017

A small child dumps a pan of water on my head, and I realize it's time to check out. I get dressed nike football boots with sock and ask a Spa World employee if there's someone whom I could interview. The manager on duty, James Lee, says he is much too busy to chat. I call him later, and he explains that the bathhouse discontinued the 24 hour passes because "there were some customers treating Spa World as a hotel, for when they had nowhere else to go, and we wanted to get rid of those customers." As for the sleeping rooms, they had a "variety of problems I prefer not to disclose," Lee says. She's right.

Spa World is weird. Even after doing it myself, I'm still surprised people really do spend the night there otherwise normal folks looking for a cheap hotel or a place to cuddle, or who've Nike MagistaX Proximo II simply gotten too lazy to check out. Maybe it's a good thing Spa World switched to 12 hour passes, so no one gets inextricably embedded in a tatami mat. Of course, the real danger of becoming too relaxed is that, once you return to your high pressure job back on this end of the Orange Line, you might find you've lost the reflexes you need to survive. So it appears as if I'm the outlier among those commenting, but I found Dingfelder's article to be irritating. Could she have been more patronizing in her descriptions of the other guests? And what kind of idiot orders a massage with a shoulder fracture? If she's that clueless, it's no wonder she couldn't avoid a car reversing out of an intersection. She comes across as trying so hard to be clever that she isn't witty, she's annoying and full of herself. Also, what Metro ride is she talking about? Centreville is miles from the nearest station. Hilarious! Your descriptions are totally accurate. I have been to this Spa World once before and will be going back in a week. I did not get the body scrub, but I did have a "regular" massage upstairs. That was definitely not the soothing massage experience that I am used to, but I did leave feeling better.