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Published: Tuesday 12 September, 2017

Bristol pantomime dame's request for shoes He has even tried charity shops in Thornbury and trawled web, But has so far had no success in finding a suitable pair which aren't so high that he risks falling over in them. Therefore, With the opening night around the corner, He is hoping Evening Post readers arrive to his rescue. Nike Magista Opus FG Rich, Whose wife Julia is the group's choreographer as well as the front half of the pantomime horse in manufacturing, Stated that: "The shoes need to be large and colourful but essentially not stilettos or high heeled. Some high laceup boots in a bright colorations would do.

"The group has got a lot of costumes but nothing made for my big feet and I'm in danger of not going to the ball, Richard has appeared in minor roles with the company over the past five years since being roped in by his wife and their daughters, Jessica together with Stephanie. He was quoted saying: "Now I've hit the in a major way with a big role, And the rehearsals are going very well, Richard is appearing as Gertrude in output at the Armstrong Hall, Which opens last month 17 and runs nightly to February 20, Along with two matinee shows. Some other Ugly Sister, Grizelda, Is played by Geoff resist, But he only has size eight feet so is already attired. Anyone who may either lend or sell some shoes to Richard should contact him on 01454 632170. Tickets for the panto start at and can come from the box office on 01454 415850. Lads, I appreciate the comments individuals that are suggesting places to try. I had heard high and mighty and long tall sally, But what I know of them is their stock is not gonna be colourful enough for panto and quite pricey for something I may not use again. I've also had some useful phone messages left that I'll follow up I've been away going back 2 days. Monday week is the first dress rehearsal so I want to be it sorted by then. Sorry Becky and Samantha there's free ticket scam, But I just Nike Magista Opus II FG Football Boots really grateful to the BEP in the way they have covered this story and genuinely curious about helping me out. If it does let a few more people know about this very funny pantomime and gives them the to go then that is a bonus. Many thanks.