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Published: Friday 08 September, 2017

Buchanan school put on lockdown after mercury spills in class "I heard that a person had brought in mercury and it was in their binder in class. Somebody stepped on their binder and the mercury spilled in the grass, Said Josiah truman, Trainees at BHS. Students were permitted to leave their classroom to use the restroom, But had to hang about until their parents brought them another pair of shoes to wear. State health officials confiscated every student's shoes to see if they had stepped in mercury. "They were telling us that we couldn't take our shoes off until we entered the gym and they were very considering it. I knew it was absolutely determined, But I just took it home, Believed Alyssa Rusch, Nike Magista Obra II FG A freshman next to Buchanan. Students who were in the classroom for the duration of the spill underwent additional screening using equipment that had to be brought in from Lansing. "They ensured us for mercury. Just scanned our feet, Announced 8th grader Trayton Saladin. Buchanan school directors and the police declined to comment on how or why the student brought the mercury to school. Though, Students said it was not the very first-time.

"Recently, Actually a week ago he had showed me it, Said lopez. Berrien County Health Department workers said none of the students tested positive for mercury and all were allowed to leave school once a new pair of shoes arrived. "We checked all the kids before people were dismissed and everyone came back clear, So they wouldn't have been in order to leave. There ought not to be any public health worries at all, Said Steve Torres with medical department. All of the students' shoes will be screened for mercury and they must be returned when students return on Thursday. Sgt. Harvey Burnett of the Buchanan Police Department said they are still checking the incident and it was too early Nike Magista Obra II ACC FG Football Boots to know if the student who brought the mercury would be arrested. Buchanan School Business Manager Rick Bell said the district would wait until the groundwork is complete before deciding if the student would be suspended or face any disciplinary action. School officials said marriage illegal to bring mercury to a school since 2004.