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Published: Thursday 10 November, 2016

If the Double Fatal Collision Suspect be Tried as an Adult You have to have put his name out there again and dont tell me cc reported it first because as my mom would say your friend jumped off a bridge would you? No news station or CPD have out this kids name. So take equal responsibility for the death threats and because you have convicted this kid prior to trial. Than do some high speedin or horsing around driving and kill a couple people that did nothing to you ever is pretty horrible. The 9 year old was still in elementary and her father was seemingly just taking his kids out for a bike ride. I was telling my colleagues that if I in this kids shoes, I wouldn be able to sleep at night with the knowledge that I killed a couple innocent people. I hope his parents determine what the citizens of this county and other counties decide to do with his punishment. I say put him in penitentiary. He was irresponsible! He has previous speeding! Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG Football Boots Purple Orange Black He was cruising unsafely! I believe he should be tried as an adult and sentenced by a jury is not up to individuals to decide if he should be tried as an adult is up to the DA. Yet still, If it was my children and husband which killed by this kid, (Who preserve in mind, Is practically an adult) I would feel that he should be made one among and have the book thrown at him. My heart goes out to the families of the victims that were killed and the family of the kid who destroyed lives no matter how relative it is, None of their lives occasion to be the same. Prayers to all that could happen, Homeowners, Judges and prosecutors that must carry out the choices that will forever change lives. To those who complain about this subject bing brought up too many times; Individuals grieve in different ways.

Some show up at candlelight vigils, Others explore it, Plus several kids of post on a public blog. How dare you try to tell someone else that they shouldn grieve about a horrible incident in the way that they wish to go to town. Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG Also, And I teach Tom Huey had more threads to his name than this subject. There were also a few about the Clayton Farm incident where the prick neighbor reported two living space for selling vegetables on the street corner(Really, I been here a short while). If you count the initial news stories about them and updates to the news story as well as the candlelight vigil and previous water cooler discussions we are up to a total of 11 threads to answer your question. The mayor can write 11 or 111 more posts on this story as he wishes, It seems you readers out there tend to forget this is his blog site not ours and he never forced you to read all 11 threads about them. If you feel we have had too many then skip passed them, There are plenty of more topics to read about on his site or many other sites including some the Mayor had even provided links for. It has a parallel for other threads like the real housewife, If you don like the thread or are think there is some threads on a given topic then move on. Just because you are tired or a topic doesn mean other people are. Keep up the great work mayor, Our community is much more informed since you have been in existence. The experts in police officers and within our judicial system will determine the outcome of this question time will tell. If you are asking me this questions immediately, I would need to say he should be tried as an adult based on the preliminary information provided as to the incident, The pictures taken regarding scene of the accident, Many poor decision to drive at a high speed on Treat Boulevard, And should be genuine from those who know this person as to his character. It does not matter that he was driving(As well as owned) A bentley Escalade. Maybe the officials can do a reinactment using an old VW Bug and this makes a few of you feel better. If and it's also shown he was driving 70 in a 45 mile an hour zone, It is still wreckless driving just about anything you are driving.